The master’s degree is jointly organized by the Spanish Association of Personalism and the Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA). It aims to allow students to explore the mystery of the human person and delve into the meaning of life. Among the topics we will investigate are: affectivity, freedom, death and destiny, the person as male or female, ethics, interpersonal relations, transcendence, etc. In addition, we will apply this content to current social issues in areas such as bioethics, the family, and politics.

This program is offered from a personalist perspective based on its main representatives (K. Wojtyla, E. Stein, J. Maritain, E. Mounier, J. Marías, J. Macmurray, D. von Hildebrand, etc.).

This is currently the only Master’s Degree in English that offers this specific training.


60 Credits, October 2019 to July 2020


5/6 weekly sessions of 60 minutes each, on Thursday and Friday (the online sessions are recorded and available to students in case they are not able to attend a live session).


Classes are taught online (Moodle platform, Blackboard Webcorporate application).


€ 2,500 Euros or $2,900 (US)