Testimonials: «They speak for us.»

James Beauregard, Rivier University, Nashua NH, (USA), Clinical Neuropsychologist, Neuroethicist, Author: Philosophical Neuroethics: A Personalist Approach. “The Master’s in personalism both broadened and deepened my understanding of the human person in a way that is both integral and holistic, and provides a robust response to the fragmentation of our contemporary world. The knowledge gained in this program has implications and applications across the sciences and the humanities.”

Hernán Corrales Piedra, Psychologist. (Peru)

«I started the Master working in an educational institution, as an educational psychologist, this year I will work in the diocesan office of Catholic education (ODEC) of the Prelature of Chota as head of the family school. The Master’s has contributed to my professional and personal training, and has helped me to present talks, workshops and psychoeducational programs, taking into account the three-dimensional dynamics of the person. The psychotherapeutic techniques used are no longer just a mere physical or psychic relaxation but I have also tried to be transcendental.

Fr. Benjamin Wilkinson, Formator, Servants of the Holy Eucharist and of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Professor, «San Pelagio» Theological Studium (USA, currently residing in Spain)

«The Master in Personalistic Anthropology has given me a penetrating vision of the human person from a deep analysis of its structure and dynamism. In my work of education and spiritual accompaniment, this vision allows me to better understand each person and to help them to reach their fullness. «

José Antonio Hernández Mejía, Coordinator of the Subject Being a University in the Academic Directorate of Integral Training (DAFI). Anahuac University (Mexico).

«The Master’s in Personalism has allowed me to deepen the dimensions of the human person, exchanging points of view with colleagues from other Ibero-American countries, and identify our responsibility in the face of today’s crucial issues. It has also motivated me to integrate, in my professional practice, the dignity of the person from the thought of Karol Wojtyla and the Modern Ontological Personalism of Juan Manuel Burgos, among other authors.»

Juan Luis López Casanova, General Surgeon and Digestive System. Canary Health Service, University Hospital of the Canary Islands, Facultative Area Specialist. (Spain)

«The Master in Personalist Anthropology has given me a more structured knowledge of many of the intuitions about the human person that I knew, but I could not substantiate or explain well without these studies. It seems fundamental to me to be able to reflect, write and explain many basic topics with a background of training at this level.»

Maria Eulalia Gil Duque, Family Director and Head of the Philosophy and Ethics Area. Los Pinares Gymnasium. (Colombia)

«The Master’s has provided me with tools to work fully with people: understanding, empathy and argumentative ability have been key in the development of my responsibilities. I also consolidated and updated the necessary philosophical knowledge in academic life.»