El sujeto humano y su interioridad. Karol Wojtya y la crisis de la antropología filosófica

This article discusses the concept of the human subject and its interiority as developed in modern and contemporary philosophy, focusing especially on criticisms directed at this. Hence, some far reaching modifications of the theory of the subject are presented, including the thesis that interiority is constituted by exteriority. Karol Wojtya’s approach to the subject is then set out. The author of the paper tries to establish what the relation is that obtains between these two construals of the subject, and whether Wojty?a’s conception can also be subjected to such criticism. Having concluded that two quite different understandings of the human subject are in play, a possible field of dialogue between them is sketched.



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Holub, Grzegorz


sujeto humano, interioridad, postmodernismo, Karol Wojtyla, diálogo