La epistemología personalista de Michael Polanyi

Uniquely among personalist philosophers Michael Polanyi was an internationally recognised scientist, and so able to tackle scientist reductionism and objectivism on their chosen ground of natural science, by showing that it requires throughout the personal participation, commitment and judgement, often tacit, of the scientist, as does all our knowing and action. For this he formulated his central conception of the essentially tacit integration of subsidiary details from which we attend and use as clues to apprehend the ‘comprehensive entities’ and to perform the "complex actions" to which we focally attend. Thus he restored the scientist to his science and the person to the world in which he lives. Science is a deeply personal pursuit, as are all disciplines, and reductionism and objectivism, to the extent that they are actually practised, would destroy and civilisation with it.



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T. Allen, Richard


Polany, reduccionismo, ciencia, integración tácita