The mainstream way of thinking represents the economic agent as homo economicus, drawing its support from the philosophy of individualism that is rooted in the 17-18th century Enlightenment and the script stage of human communication. Personalist economics, on the other hand, centers attention principally on economic agency in which the economic agent is represented as the acting person, the person in action in economic affairs, and is grounded in the philosophy of personalism that springs from the electronic stage of human communication. For the first time, a research grant of $2500 is being offered for original, never-published research that replaces homo economicus and its underlying philosophy of individualism with the acting person and its philosophical foundation in personalism and that this different way of looking at economic affairs truly matters in economic affairs. Payment will be made in two stages: 50 percent on approval of the proposal, 50 percent on completion of the research. Competition is open to any graduate student or faculty member at any accredited university in the United States or elsewhere in the world. Submissions are to be made in English. A Scientific Committee will review every submission for this grant and its decision is final. The researcher selected for this grant retains full copyright to his/her research and is free to submit that work for publication. Attached to this announcement is a file containing suggested questions suitable for research in economic affairs from a personalist economics perspective. Inquiries regarding the Personalist Economics Research Grant are to be made to and proposals are to be submitted as an email attachment to: Edward J. O’Boyle, Ph. D.

edob[email protected]. The deadline for submitting proposals is December 15,